winslow personality profiles

hospital trace reportsUsing over 35 years of assessed data, the Winslow Assessment System allows you to identify strengths and weaknesses in anyone involved in the support of your case, including the client.
By measuring behavioral traits and then comparing the results with the requirements of a specific position, much of the guesswork is taken out of how well the person handles stress, conducts themselves under pressure, their communication skills and more.
What makes the Winslow the best choice in the litigation field is not only the information gathered but how it is reported back to the client.
Clients know that Winslow is:
* The Most Thorough - 40-50 page Participant Report
* The Most In Depth - 48 personality traits measured
* The Most Reliable - built-in objectivity controls
* The Most Accessible - Internet, paper or fax
* Based on over 35 Yrs of data and development
* Used by 3,000+ corporations & organizations including
--- Bay Area Rapid Transit
--- Barbados Power and Light
--- Boyd Corporation
--- Franklin-Covey
--- Nat'l Footbal League
--- Nat'l Hockey League
--- Nearly every MLB draft pick for the last 30 yrs

The Winslow is extremely accurate in identifying the strengths and weaknesses related to both personal happiness and career success.  Using the Winslow Reports, you and your coach can laser-focus your training and development.  Using the Winslow Reports in a coaching setting is a perfect way to cut through the layers that are preventing you from reaching your goals, by seeing core issues quickly and simply.  This allows you to maximize your efforts for more satisfying results.

 Contents of your Winslow Report

Your Winslow Report will include the following sections:

Personality Profiles:  Graphically illustrate your 24 personality traits on four separate charts: Interpersonal Traits, Dedication Traits, Organizational Traits, and Self-control Traits.

Personality Trait Descriptions:  The score you receive for each of the 24 Winslow Traits is described as it applies specifically to you.  These messages present a comprehensive and objective description of your personality, behavior and attitudes to enable you to better understand yourself.

Influential Traits:  More detailed information is provided on your personality assets and areas of concern.  These are the traits that will have the most profound influence in your career and personal life.  By knowing which of your traits will serve as assets and which could prevent you from achieving your potential, you will be more successful in your career and more content in your personal life.

Personal Development:  Suggestions are presented to enable you to capitalize on your assets and to control or modify your areas of concern. This information puts your new found insight to work immediately.  You learn how to make the most out of your future with initial, continuing, and future development.